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Solar Services

Services We Provide

Vegetation Control
Erosion Control
Grading and Vegetation Restoration
Snow Removal
Panel Washing
Site Work and Excavation
Various Construction/Landscape Services
About Our Solar Division


Bores Property Services is your home for solar field maintenance in the New England area. We provide vegetation control, erosion control, site work, seeding, snow removal, and various construction/landscape services for your solar installation. We currently service over 450 acres of solar field in the New England area. We strive for safety in all aspects of our work, especially solar. All of our employees have a minimum OSHA 10, and a basic understanding of the components within a solar array. All of our solar work begins with a site walkthrough. During this walkthrough hazard areas are identified and discussed with personnel completing the work. We work closely with project managers to complete all work in a timely and satisfactory manner.

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